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Augusto Perez Interview, Planet-7X - Jan 18, 2018

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Things will be rough as heaven and earth have already merged… (As Above merged w So Below)….  AND Yahweh’s Destroyer comes ---that is why it was 80 degrees (F) here today Feb 21st and 3 degrees here two weeks ago!

The Professor

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TGC-2 _ Zen Garcia and Professor Truth - Species Conflict_"Kinds of Man"

The Professor in his Real Navy Flight Jacket – a lot you do not know about the Professor…..

Zen Garcia and Professor Truth step it up to the next level…. We discuss Zen’s New Book The Great Contest as well as Zen allowing me to explain the different kinds of man and Blood KINDS of Spiritual beings…. Again advanced for the teachers and students who are ready to really know what is going on in the Cosmic Conflict!  It is Important that you share these Episodes….

I assure you that Professor Truth, Zen Garcia, Pastor Eli, and Pastor Steve are a Final Exam….  Choose today whom you share Truth or bury these pearls of great price and see how it turns out for you and your Judeo associates….  NOT A GAME!    We Sell Nothing!

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Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet,A.B., J.D.
It has been brought to my attention many times, that there are preachers and teachers in the world who don't recognize there are literal children of Satan surviving in the world today. Since this is one of the central themes of the Bible, the fight for supremacy between the children of Yahweh and the children of Lucifer, I wonder what Bible these preachers and teachers are reading and studying.

In these studies we will be using the proper name of our God, which is Yahweh and Yahshua for Christ. For documentation read, "Who Is Your God?”          
The battle lines are drawn by Yahweh in Genesis 3:15, where He states he is going to put enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent.

Let's start at the beginning; of course Satan wasn't a serpent. The entity that deceived and seduced Eve wasn't a scaly thing wriggling along on the ground. Serpent was translated from the word nachash, which means enchanter or magician. A fallen angel, still retaining a lot of his angelic powers, no doubt could be very much of an enchanter or magician.

Lucifer's children, and I do mean children not just followers, through the centuries used a serpent as a symbol or emblem of their ancestor, until they attached a secondary meaning of serpent to the word nachash. In Genesis 3:1-3 Satan said to Eve, "Is it really true that Yahweh said, You can't eat of any tree in the garden?"  As it reads in the Hebrew, Eve replied to Satan, "And the woman said unto the enchanter, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden". Now I am going to switch to the King James translation and I will correct it as I go.

"Of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die." Let's see what it actually said in the Hebrew. Fruit is the Hebrew word pirchach, meaning progeny, brood, children or descendants. Do you talk about the children of a walnut tree or an apple tree? Of course you don't!

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First Show of NEW Series CHIVARLY w Pastor Eli James and Pastor Steve

Mp3 SoundCloud Genesis Ch2 part 1:

Short: THE GREAT IMPERSONATION SERIES _ Pastor Steve joins Pastor Eli and Professor Truth to teach the TORAH from his new translation.  Un-Adulterated TRUTH!

We have a NEW “Show” Called “CHIVALRY”, which is based upon the oaths of loyalty to the King of kings – Jesus Christ.  CHIVALRY will include a variety of subjects and Teachers, and is founded by Pastor Eli James, Pastor Steve and Professor Truth.

TGI – The Great Impersonation is Extreme Bible Study based upon word definitions in the original languages.   TGI exposes the impersonators and infiltrators of today’s Christianity under the guise of “Judeo”.  Pastor Eli James is likely the most knowledgeable and wise teacher on planet earth in our end times.  Today we are joined by Pastor Steve, fluent in Hebrew who will be teaching Gen ch1 from his TORAH translation.

HiFi Audio is posted to the Professor Truth Sound Cloud page: "TruthwChrist": https://soundcloud.com/truthwchrist

Also visit:
Pastor Eli James Website: http://www.anglo-saxonisrael.com
Pastor Steve's Website: https://www.pastor-steve.com

TGC-1 _ Zen Garcia and Professor Truth "The Great Contest" Overview of S...

 TGC-1 _ ZEN and Professor Truth "The Great Contest" Overview of Serpent Seed

Short: THE GREAT CONTEST (TGC) is a Show expounding on the book Trilogy by the same name written by Zen Garcia.

TGC - The Trilogy starts with book 1: The Angelic Rebellion, and book 2: Enmity Between the Seedlines, and book 3: is still in work but will focus on the Final Conflict between the Sons of Adam and the Sons of Belial in our modern times we call The New World Order.

Postings of these teachings will be on both Zen's various venues and those of Professor Truth. Books can be purchased from SacredWordPublishing.net _ https://www.sacredwordpublishing.net

HiFi Audio is posted to the Professor Truth Sound Cloud page: "TruthwChrist": https://soundcloud.com/truthwchrist

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